In 2015 the 84th Texas Legislature passed HB 1842 giving rise to Texas Education Code Chapter 12A. This statute allows public school districts to obtain the District of Innovation designation and gain exemptions from specified sections of Texas Education Code by drafting a local innovation plan. Exemptions outlined in the plan provide the district more flexibility and local control while maintaining a comprehensive education program.

Meeting eligibility requirements, the Lamesa ISD board of trustees passed a resolution, held a public hearing and appointed an innovation committee during January 19, 2017 board meeting. The committee drafted an innovation plan over the next few months and approved it during the final meeting on April 12, 2017. In compliance with TEC 12A.005, the plan will be posted and open for public comment for 30 days starting April 14, 2017. The plan will then be presented to the board of trustees during the May board meeting and can be passed by two-thirds majority vote. If passed, the plan will be in effect for five years. During this period, the plan can be amended, rescinded or revised as outlined in TEC 12A.007.