Superintendent's Message

I am fortunate to have been selected Superintendent of Schools at Lamesa ISD in October of 2015. The district is blessed with tremendous people, staff and leadership. I look forward to working alongside such passionate educators who love kids and desire each student to succeed. Education is the foundation for success in the global economy. It is essential we believe that every student can be successful given the right tools, instruction, and leadership.

Education is the process by which we teach, develop, and infuse the critical knowledge, skills, character and integrity into the lives of students. As educators, our mission is to provide all individuals with the comprehensive skills to compete, contribute and excel in our changing society. Our primary goal is to enrich the lives of our students by producing lifelong learners who are responsible, compassionate, and active citizens in our communities.

Lamesa ISD believes that all students can learn, grow and succeed in school when instruction is delivered in an intentional, planned, systematic, and deliberate manner. The overriding mission of our district will be to afford every student an opportunity for success in both academics, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities.

We believe to be effective, our schools will exemplify the following characteristics:

  • Proactive Leadership
  • Collaborative Teambuilding
  • Data Driven Instructional Practices
  • Visionary & Goal Driven Decision Making
  • Empowerment of all stakeholders

Therefore, to accomplish these educational goals, the superintendent must be an uncommon, passionate, and charismatic leader. These guiding principles make up the foundation of our educational philosophy. Our educational priorities are firmly based, yet flexible enough to adapt and change to meet the future needs of students, staff and the community.

I hope you join me as we pursue the vision of educating and instilling the core fundamental values of integrity, character and leadership into the hearts and minds of our students at Lamesa ISD.

Jim Knight

Superintendent – Lamesa ISD