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I began my career in education here in Lamesa in 1997 as a seventh grade Math teacher. My journey here in Lamesa has taken me from teacher, to Assistant Principal at North Elementary, to Assistant Principal at Middle School, to Principal at Middle School, to Assistant Superintendent to High School Principal and back to Central Office. My wife, Alisa, and two daughters, Michaela and Rebekah, have been by my side on this journey as help mates. With out their support I could not have seen the success that I have experienced. As I continue down this path that God has chosen for me I will continue to have the priorities of God, family, and the students, staff, and community of Lamesa ISD.

Educational Philosophy

Learning is the foundation for the future of any child and education is the environment in which learning is created. The quality of education can be the key predictor to the amount of success that child will have as an adult. Our children deserve every opportunity to maximize their future success not only for them selves, but for our community, our state, and our nation. For it is the success of each individual that makes the whole great. The saying that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts is a quote that I believe fits well with in a school system. We must ensure that every child has the opportunity to access a high quality education that demands we reach our primary goal of student learning. As a system you cannot solely focus on one part or a certain group of the system and expect that system to improve. We must focus on each and every aspect individually if we want success to follow. Success will come when we focus on the individual child and meeting their individual needs. 
Why is the school district here? What is our purpose? Our purpose, our goal, our responsibility is to impact lives. There are many ways to change lives in our society today and people are doing it every day. The road we have chosen is to do this by providing every child with a quality education. Student learning is how we measure that quality education. So our number one goal is to change lives by providing a quality education that is measured by student learning. This is what should drive every decision that is made. Every decision should be preceded by “How is this going to improve student learning?” By improving student learning our students will have more opportunities and be better prepared to experience success and thus we have changed their lives. The focus must be on student learning.